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Just a quick question about freezing meals for hedgies. We don't keep a lot of fresh food in our house, and I want to give my girl a good diet. She is quite old (around 5 I think) has a fast progressing case of WHS, as well as a abdomen tumor. She is losing weight (and quills) fast and doesn't seem to be as interested in her dry food as usual. (A mix of Eagle pack adult cat and 8in1 hedgie food). Right now Iam freezing veggie babyfood (like sweet potato), meat babyfood (like chicken or turkey), and fruit babyfood (apples, pears). As well as crickets and mealworms. I wanted to start feeding her egg, cottage cheese, yogurt, and moist cat food. Because I've read about these foods on this forum. My question is, how well does this stuff freeze? and how often can I feed it? I give her a mix of the babyfoods every couple of days. Could I give her moist cat food daily? what about the other items? I imagine eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt aren't an everyday item.

I also plan on griding up some of her food and adding some water.She does still munch on the dry though, and im worried I might spoil her by adding water and her teeth wont get the work out they need.

Any thoughts?


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