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freeze dried bugs in mix?

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I was wondering if it would be ok to a few freeze dried meal worms in my hedgehog's food every night. I think it would be a good idea because then he would definitely associate it as food. With them in his food he would get all of the nutrition bugs provide and there would also be a smaller chance of him developing a biting habit. I would use live bugs, but Herisson won't touch them, and I don't like the idea of bugs crawling around in the food.
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I'm not too worried about him getting chunky, he practically lives on the wheel! One thing is for sure he is lots fitter than me.
The vet told me they would get chunky from just eating cat food. Is he confused? (Don't you just love how us pet owners know more about hedgehogs than our vets? :roll:)
Should I get another bowel to put treats in like fruits and bugs?
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