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freeze dried bugs in mix?

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I was wondering if it would be ok to a few freeze dried meal worms in my hedgehog's food every night. I think it would be a good idea because then he would definitely associate it as food. With them in his food he would get all of the nutrition bugs provide and there would also be a smaller chance of him developing a biting habit. I would use live bugs, but Herisson won't touch them, and I don't like the idea of bugs crawling around in the food.
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I don't see a problem with this. Make sure you add the bugs each night and not mix a large batch beforehand, you don't want icky pests. If Herisson starts getting chunky it would be best to limit them. :)
A separate dish is good. Inky has different dishes for food, water, treats, etc. and seems to like it. I always put the same things in the same dish so it's always constant. :) (Though that may just me being paranoid)
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