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Found hedgehog outside Florida

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Hello I found this hedgehog late at night walking through my backyard so I went ahead and kept it and put it in a box and trying to take care of it and what not.

What are all the necessary things I need so this hedgehog will be happy it looks pretty dirty he probably has fleas or mites I like to take care of all the issues thank you very much. I gave it some chicken feed and cat food and it's been hungry and thirsty.


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You can't keep wild hedgehogs as pets as they have their own eco-systems and it would be detrimental to the hedgehogs to keep it as a pet.

If you're looking for a hedgehog as a pet, you want to research pygmy hedgehogs as they are the ones that can be kept as pets, you can also buy them from breeders or online. I can give you the website I used to find my pygmy if you want but if the wild hedgehog isn't physical hurt, you have to put it back outside.
I have read that hedgehogs are not found in the wild in FLORIDA
These are not found in north America in the wild
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