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Found hedgehog outside Florida

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Hello I found this hedgehog late at night walking through my backyard so I went ahead and kept it and put it in a box and trying to take care of it and what not.

What are all the necessary things I need so this hedgehog will be happy it looks pretty dirty he probably has fleas or mites I like to take care of all the issues thank you very much. I gave it some chicken feed and cat food and it's been hungry and thirsty.


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68A-6.0022 Possession of Class I, II, or III Wildlife in Captivity: Permit Requirements.

(1) Permits to possess wildlife in captivity, issued pursuant to section 379.3761 or 379.3762, F.S., and the provisions of this chapter, shall authorize the keeping of captive wildlife, of the type and number specified in applications approved by the Commission, in accordance with law and Commission rules. Captive wildlife maintained under permit shall, unless otherwise authorized, be maintained only at the facility specified in the permit application and approved by the Commission.

(2) No permit shall be required to possess the following wildlife for personal use, unless possession of a species is otherwise regulated by other rules of the Commission:

(a) Reptiles or amphibians (nonvenomous, unprotected)

(b) Gerbils, hedgehogs
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