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Hi all,

I just got my hedgie Loki from the TX rescue and I have a couple questions. I've had him for almost a week now and every day I give him a foot bath when he wakes up... just about a cm a warm water with some colloidal oatmeal to wash his poopy feet. I tried getting it off with just a baby wipe first but it gets under his nails and up his leg and everything. I was just curious if most people did this everyday. I just don't feel comfortable cuddling with Loki if his feet are caked in poo but I don't want to dry out his skin either.

Also, how often do you change bedding? I'm using fleece liners and I've changed his liner and snuggle sack twice this week...both after especially productive poo nights.

I just want to know if I'm cleaning him too much? do hedgehogs do any grooming on their own?
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