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I give poopy feet baths almost everyday evan though her wheel is mainly coverd in pee not poop in the morning. I just use water and it usually comes of, but then I take a tooth brush and scrub her nail and it gets rid of the poopy in there(if there is any).
I dont think it will dry her feet out, especially if you are using oatmeal, which is moisterizing to the skin :)

Changing the bedding depends on your hedgie. Some hedgies won't do their bussness in a litter box so they do it everywhere, and their liners get changed more often.
In my case, Pinchita only goes in her new litter box, which I'm so exited about :mrgreen: so I don't need to change her liners that often (now I change them once or twice a week).
You can see if she'll use a litter box? that would definitely make the cage easier to spot clean and rearrange in the morning- clean in general.
Hedgies don't groom themselfs, atleast I don't think they do. They do annoint with random things, if that counts lol, so thats another reason people bathe there hedgies.
I think you're doing everything right so far :)
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