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Im no expert but from what i've read on here you aren't supposed to put 2 hedgies together whether male or female, especially not males, as they may never have fought in the past, but if they did, it could result in death. Also with 2 hedgies you are supposed to have 2 of everything i.e food bowls, wheels etc. But i think the best thing is to buy a seperate cage and seperate them for their own benefits. They will be much happier having more room to themselves :) and the potential is never there for one to get seriously hurt.

Reapers food list is very confusing, ha, i found it so confusing when i first read it. Best thing is to read the percentages of what is recommended in each item i.e the % of protein and % of fat and look for that on the back of cat food on shelves in shops. Thats what i did and found the only ones which matched up were ones off his list.

Hope you manage to sort it out :)

And congrats on your two new family members!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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