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Food List - Suggestions & Criticism Welcome

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Hi everyone! I'm new around here and my husband and I are looking into a hedgehog as a pet. He's always ogling the hedgies on Cute Overload. Ha ha ha!!! We are not quite ready yet, but I'm getting read up since it seems getting their diet just right is going to be a little harder than it was for all of our other babies. After going over the list on here and browsing PetSmart's website [who are bent on selling junk food], this is what I came up with:

1] Innova Senior Cat Food Dry (Turkey, Chicken & Herring)
Analysis & Ingredients

2] Wellness Indoor Health (Chicken)
Analysis & Ingredients

3] Wysong Anergen Canine/Feline Diet with Lamb & Rice Dry Food (Lamb)
Analysis & Ingredients

4] Royal Canin Adult Fit 32 (Chicken)

5] SophistaCat Blended Mix Recipe Dry Cat Food (Chicken, Pork, Salmon, Tuna, Beef)
Analysis & Ingredients

6] Authority Sensitive Solutions Cat Food (Turkey & Salmon)
Analysis & Ingredients

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me any advice. I'm really glad someone told me about this place! I started with a high-end food and then went down the list to [hopefully] make it well-blended. Finding anything besides chicken and fish was a nightmare! :lol:
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#1. Has alot of protein,to much i'd say.

#2. good

#3. never used but looks ok?

#4. ok

#5. Not Good At All

#6. High in fat. I do use this one in my mix for my runners.
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