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When it came time to bury my little grumpster, Reggie the Hedgie, I had a dilemma regarding the final disposition of his remains.

Cremation was too expensive and yard burial didn’t seem to be an appropriate option because I was renting. In the end, I opted for a flowerpot burial. I liked the fact that there was countless ways I could customize it and make it more personal to him.

I did my research on Flowerpot Pet Burials and decided to make this post after seeing how few resources there were regarding them even though they are a great option for small pets.

The first thing I did was buy a flowerpot. This was arguably the most difficult part of the process. After searching online through various personalized options, I couldn’t find anything that matched the image in my head. Finally I decided I was going to decorate a pot myself, and went to the local hardware store to see what pots they have. I initially wanted ceramic, but eventually settled on a resin tree pot that was the size and color I wanted at a reasonable price. I got a plastic saucer to go underneath the pot in case of any leakage.

Side Note: Afterwards, I spent a good 10 minutes crying in my car since a big rainbow appeared as I was leaving the store. It felt like my hedgie was comforting me from the Rainbow Bridge 🥺

At first, I intended to wrap my prickly-potato in a soft tea towel but I came across small bio-degradable pet caskets during one of my many google searches. I decided that was a more respectful option, for me personally. I admit I had some difficulty with sizing. I wanted something small enough for the pot, but large enough that I could fit his favorite toys and treats as well. I ended up ordering 2 sizes and donating the one I didn’t use.

For the actual burial process, I first laid some small river stones and gravel in the base of the pot for drainage. I added 3-6 inches of soil, placed the casket, then filled the rest of the pot with soil. On top, I planted succulents. I chose succulents for several reasons; I live in a tropical climate and knew from previous experience that succulents thrived here with little to no maintenance. Succulents are also small, spiky, and hardy just like little Reggie so I thought they were an appropriate embodiment of my hedgie.

To adorn the pot and mark it as a memorial, I ordered a vinyl decal with his name and hedgehog silhouette. I also coincidentally found a hedgehog pot hanger by chance at a craft store.

All together, I was very pleased by the outcome and feel my hedgehog was laid to rest in a respectful and beautiful manner worthy of the time and companionship he awarded me.

Final Product:
Plant Flowerpot Flower Waste container Waste containment
Plant Flowerpot Flower Houseplant Terrestrial plant

Note: Over the course of 3 months, I have not noticed any strange smell or leakage from the pot. Occasionally the dogs will briefly sniff it but they’ve never interacted with the pot beyond that.

Materials, Vendors, & Cost Breakdown:

Flowerpot: 20.35"W x 17.38" H Falerno Off-White Resin Planter - Lowes - $24.98

Plant Saucer: 14" Clear Plastic Saucer - Lowes - $1.98

Casket: Paw Pods Biodegradable Pet Casket Mini - Chewy - $17.19
Please note the Mini size is too narrow for the average sized hedgie, however Reggie lost so much weight in his final days (weighing only 203g the morning he passed). He was a perfect fit for the Mini and I was able to include 2 small toys and some of his favorite fruit snacks. I had ordered a size Small which also fit my hedgie well, but I decided it was a little long for the width of the pot and more space than I needed.

Vinyl Decal: Custom Hedgehog Decal 6.5" - TheChocolateDoxie - Etsy - $7.49

Pot Ornament: Land & Sea Hedgehog Pot Hanger - Michaels - $3.49

Succulents: Assorted Variety - Lowes & Walmart - about $60
The average price for individual succulents is $3-$11 depending on size. Buying ready-made succulent gardens from the store is a cost-effective way to buy a variety in bulk. I ended up buying too many succulents, but I used the extra to touch up some other succulent gardens I have.

Soil: Miracle Grow All Purpose Potting Soil - Lowes - $10.98

Drainage Rock: All-Purpose Gray Gravel - Lowes - $4.98

Total Cost: $131.09

Please note the majority of my cost comes from the type of plant I chose for my flowerpot. Also, the rock and soil I used to fill the pot were left over from other gardening projects making my actual costs lower.
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