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I googled this:

Emergency Vet's Phone Number
Antiseptic/Antibiotic Cream. I have seen owners suggest using Polysporin. What ever you decide on it should be an equivalent for pet use.
Hydrogen Peroxide. Keep this on hand for cleaning cuts and wounds.
Iodine. I have always seen iodine suggested for any first aid kit as it is a very good antiseptic.
Gauze & tape. Keep this on hand in case you need to make a splint or for bandaging a bad wound.
Soft clean cloth.
Cornstarch (Quick-stop). This is good to keep on hand in case you trim your hedgehogs nails too far down, or they get one torn in an accident.
Cotton Swabs.
Sharp scissors. One very good reason to have this on hand is for cutting hair or threads off of legs.
External heat source. (Chemical hand warmers, heating pads, Snuggle Safe heat disc, etc) These are good to use if your hedgehog ever should start to hibernate. Sick hedgehogs also have a tendency to not be able to control their temperature very well.
Oral syringes. I suggest getting one that measures in milliliters and teaspoons and also has a soft, flexible nipple. A soft nipple will be easier on a refusing mouth if you should ever have to force feed or water your hedgehog.
Can of Ensure. I suggest keeping one of these on hand in case you ever have to force feed your hedgehog. Hedgehogs who have stopped eating will loose weight extremely fast. I am still amazed at the speed my little female lost weight when she quit eating.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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