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If the baby is 3 weeks old you can start to handle her now. Start slow. The first day, pick it up for about 30 seconds and put back. Increase the time tomorrow and the next day. Mom will probably huff at you but talk to her and tell her you are just looking at her pretty baby.

No wheel until baby has left the cage but you will be able to give them the wheel when you have mom and baby out for playtime.

If you have Royal Canin Baby Cat in the mix of food, baby will start eating it or the crumbs mom has dropped.

Keep feeding mom the same amount after the baby has left but lessen the amount of Baby Cat until she isn't getting any. Once you notice that she is consistently eating less, you can lessen the amount of kibble. Mom can have the wheel back as soon as baby leaves her cage. If baby is a girl and you are going to keep her, she can stay right with mom but you will need two wheels and should have two sleeping areas. Mom's go through a little period where they've had enough of daughter so two bed areas are necessary.
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