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fave bands?

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hey whos ur top three bands?

mine are:
1. one republic

2. the kooks

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I like Kate Nash too!!

I think my favorite bands are,

Between the Buried and Me
Minus the Bear
The flaming Lips
At the Drive-in
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

well, right now anyway, my favorites are always changing.
Hathery the velvet teen!! God Lord I love you.

Okay, so I would like to add:

The Unicorns
Belle & Sebastian
The Decemberists
Modest Mouse
Bad Brains.

I feel so put on the spot when people ask me my fav. bands.
I know! I got so excited when I saw your post.
Wow, Dustin, you've got some good picks there :)

I'm loving the Godspeed!
1 - 4 of 63 Posts
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