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Farming Mealworms

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Farming mealworms yourself has several advantages over buying them at a pet store. You always have mealies on hand so you don't need to spend time and money making trips to the pet store. You also control what the mealies eat thereby producing healthier mealies for your hedgie.
Here are some links on how to raise mealworms.
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How long should I leave the beetles in to lay eggs before moving them to the next container? How long until the eggs 'hatch'?
What is it? (Freaking Out!!)

So I decided I was going to breed Mealworms so I don't have to go to the pet store as often seeing as I just got two two and a half month old baby sisters, plus I already had my year old Stella and my year and a half old Knuckles. My mom has her own Shes 4 years old and her name is Maleka, so we go through a LOT of mealies in his house. So the breeding went well but then I had both my hip replaced so I decided to just feed my hedgies the mealies and beetles. I noticed in the empty container we kept the meal worms were in there was the oatmeal, and a few pieces of cardboard from flattened toilet paper tubes but in half and on top was a few big larva/pupae so I tossed them into the container that I used for the beetles and they hatched. So just Now I just grabbed both totes, found a few more larva/pupae but there's not a SINGLE meal worm in it so I tossed them in the beetle container then I noticed the lid was dusted with what looked like dust but if you looked closely they moved, then there was a section in the corner of the tote that was layered but with a more thicker layer. I made sure the area I was doing all this transferring and stuff in has been cleaned and I disinfected my hands and temporarily put the container on the patio until i know what they are. Thank goodness there is not any holes in the lid of that container.

Can someone help me PLEASE?! I'M BEGGING.
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Dont buy at Petsmart

Just go to Petsmart, they're like 5 bucks for 100 worms. :B
The mealworms at petsmart will cost you a fortune plus I have bought from them in the past and the mealworms seem to be treated with a hormone that ciases them not to pupate. They just grow larger and larger until they die.

Buy online at places like :

Fluckers Farms
Gold Country Mealworms
Rainbow Mealworms

Save you money and they are not treated with the hormone.
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