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Farming Mealworms

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Farming mealworms yourself has several advantages over buying them at a pet store. You always have mealies on hand so you don't need to spend time and money making trips to the pet store. You also control what the mealies eat thereby producing healthier mealies for your hedgie.
Here are some links on how to raise mealworms.
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I'm in Alberta, and the store I get my mealworms from is PJ's Pets (drove by it today, and had to remember the name :roll: ). I don't know if that store is in BC, it is a chain here. Good luck. Started my first farm based on a tub (100 for $4), one pupae so far.... This thread helped out with it. Thanks.
Where do you guys buy your wheat/oat bran? I have my mealies in oatmeal right now, would that be okay for them to live on, or should I switch?
You can find oat bran in the cereal section of any grocery. I buy wheat bran in the organic section of Kroger. I also use corn meal and a little bit of milled golden flax seed meal.
Okay, sorry to bring this up again, but those of you that have bought the wheat or oat bran, what is the name of the box you get? I tried going to the grocery store right near me today, and was searching the cereal section, but the only thing I found that was anything close to either was wheat bran flakes, and I didn't think that was right...Or am I wrong? I've only checked the one store so far. I could go to Kroger's tomorrow, though.
The oat bran is close to the oatmeal. It is Kroger's brand oat bran. Another brand is Hodgson Mill Oat bran all natural hot cereal. The wheat bran and milled golden flax seed meal is in the organic section and is in plastic bags. It is Bob's Red Mill brand.
Awesome, thanks!! :D Off on another hedgie-based shopping trip tomorrow, then, lol.
I have also seen Hodgson's Multi grain or such and it has a bunch of bran's together including flax and soy. I may try that as well.
I just found my first aliens! I have two formed, and another that's halfway between worm and alien. And I dunno what you guys are talking about, I think they're cool! :lol:
I have a bag of organic porridge oats, which contains oatmeal, oat bran, wheat bran and flax seed. Would this work if I crushed it up? I originally bought it as a fiber source for my hedgie but no one knew if the whole flax seeds were safe so I bought her baby rice cereal and grapenuts instead. But now I don't know what to do with this bag cause I don't really like oatmeal so if I could use it for my mealworms that would be great!!

Also is it alright to use pet store mealworms as your starter colony?
Yes it is fine. And yes you can use pet store mealies as a starter colony.
Reaper said:
Yes it is fine. And yes you can use pet store mealies as a starter colony.
Thanks Reaper. :)
How many mealworms did everyone start with for their starter colony? I've read anywhere from 50-1000 and I was just wondering how many I would need to start. I currently have one hedgehog but might be getting another one in the next six months so I want to have enough mealie output to satisfy two hedgies.

I started with a tub and a half, ~150 mealworms for one hedgie and so far so good. I am amazed at how easy it is. I now have my first generation of mealies, and some older beetles in another container. The mealworms are all in various stages in length (some at the almost eating size again). During the experiment, I would still feed from the farm all stages: larvae, pupae, and beetles. I usually feed 2 per day. Of those who escaped hedgie teeth, I had the occasional loss of small larvae, all pupae made it to the beetle form, but I did have some beetles that were eaten by others. I read somewhere that 20 beetles is a good number to have to ensure eggs are laid, as 40 eggs can be laid per day. This is only one generation, so who knows if this is a norm.

In addition, when things were slow, and in order to have another generation, I substituted crickets. Depending on temperature and how many raids you take and if your hedgie finds the farm :lol: , I'd eyeball it. You can always add another tub to increase your numbers when you get your next hedgie and see if he/she likes mealworms. Good luck!

Note: I did one test, putting out a mealworm, pupa, beetle, and cooked chicken to see what was considered a favourite, and the first thing that was gobbled up was the chicken. Go figure :roll: .
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Ive been thinking of doing this.. the videos are helpfull so thank you o yes what is the healthiest thing to feed the meal worms... do you know? im stuck on thta one :)
I mix wheat bran, oat bran, and just a little flax seed meal. Sometimes I add a little corm meal as well. I also add a few kibbles of Wellness Indoor health.
I want to breed them... what is the Alien???
And what better for them super worms or meal worms? and what do they like better.. i hate worms so not sure if i want to breed them but mmm not sure
Alien is the pupae form of the worm, between the larvae stage and the beetle stage. Mealworms are safer for them because superworms are pretty aggressive. If feeding them, you need to cut the head off before feeding them or they can bite the hedgehog while it's eating/swallowing them.
You don't neccessarily have to breed them for one hog, either. If you just buy one or two hundred, they'll last you awhile.
Ok so first what ones should you feed the hedgehog.. meal worms , beetles WHAT as ive never farmed them before and am thinking of doing it.
HELP plz lol
I just started my farm today so I can't speak from experience.
But I believe you can feed any of them (mealworms, pupae, or beetles) to the hedgie.

I know this is a hedgie forum but since this is about Mealworms..
Does anyone know if Tarantula's can eat these beetles?
I know she can eat the mealworms she loves those.
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