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Farming Mealworms

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Farming mealworms yourself has several advantages over buying them at a pet store. You always have mealies on hand so you don't need to spend time and money making trips to the pet store. You also control what the mealies eat thereby producing healthier mealies for your hedgie.
Here are some links on how to raise mealworms.
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the worse part about farming mealies is touching the Aliens.. they are CREEPY little things, i guess thats why they call them aliens.. they basically look like something from the movie ALIEN, and they dont move at all untill you touch them> if you touch them, or pick them up with tweezers, they TWITCH and its really gross..

otherwise, farming mealies isnt TOO bad. I used to farm mine, but i realized it actually was more work than it was worth.. ESPECIALLY with grubco and wormman selling worms at a really good price.
mealies are actually VERY easy. Keep them in a warm dark place. and you will basically need two (or three) containers. Put your mealies in one container, and as they turn to aliens, you take them out and put them in their own container.. THEN you can have a third container for when the aliens turn to beetles.. Then, when you start to see the TINY little baby mealies, you can take all of the beetles out and put them in the container the mealworms USED to be in and just keep moving them around like that.. this way the beetles won't eat the aliens or the baby worms.

Also, i used the little green jelly cubes to feed them. You can also put a slice of apple in the container.. you want SOME moisture, but not too much, because you dont NOT want mold.

Otherwise, everything works on its own. The warmer they are, the faster they reproduce, but also, the more likely you are to get mold.

We just kept ours in a drawer
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You CAN feed the aliens too.. they are just really nasty to touch.. I did find that my gliders LOVED the aliens though.. they were extra gooey inside.
yea.. thats why i think they are easier.. you really CAN just leave them in one container and still end up with some decent mealies.. but three containers works the best.
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