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Farming Mealworms

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Farming mealworms yourself has several advantages over buying them at a pet store. You always have mealies on hand so you don't need to spend time and money making trips to the pet store. You also control what the mealies eat thereby producing healthier mealies for your hedgie.
Here are some links on how to raise mealworms.
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Adding a small amount of golden milled flaxseed to the mealie substrate is a good idea. However it is very oily and too much will cause the substrate to contain too much moisture. It is also VERY expensive compared to wheat and oat bran so a little goes a long way. I also add a few kibbles of Wellness Indoor Health formula dry cat food to my mealie beds. It is a good protein, vitamin, mineral source. I also place bird type cuttle bones in the mealie beds as a source of calcium. Hedgies don't require calcium the way reptiles do and too much can lead to kidney stones. I feed a good mix of high quality cat foods and that contains enough calcium for my hedgies. The mealies need the calcium to create their exoskeleton so I add a cuttle bone for just this reason. And if you do this you don't need to "gut load" the mealies calcium later unless you are also feeding reptiles.
What is the room temperature ?
Yes they need to be around 72 F.
No it is milled golden flaxseed meal. Looks like wheat bran or oat bran. I find it at Kroger's in the organic section. Yes I put whole kibbles in there.
Yes but they do much better on wheat or oat bran.
You can find oat bran in the cereal section of any grocery. I buy wheat bran in the organic section of Kroger. I also use corn meal and a little bit of milled golden flax seed meal.
The oat bran is close to the oatmeal. It is Kroger's brand oat bran. Another brand is Hodgson Mill Oat bran all natural hot cereal. The wheat bran and milled golden flax seed meal is in the organic section and is in plastic bags. It is Bob's Red Mill brand.
I have also seen Hodgson's Multi grain or such and it has a bunch of bran's together including flax and soy. I may try that as well.
Yes it is fine. And yes you can use pet store mealies as a starter colony.
I mix wheat bran, oat bran, and just a little flax seed meal. Sometimes I add a little corm meal as well. I also add a few kibbles of Wellness Indoor health.
The "Darkling Beetle". They get darker as they get older. If you are trying to start a mealie farm let the beetles live a couple of weeks or more. After you get some eggs hatched and you have several stages of mealies at the same time it isn't that crucial.
Here is a good link to raising a mealie farm.
They eat the bedding. So I mix wheat, oat, flax seed, corn, and soy meal. Majority being wheat and oat bran. I also add a cuttle bone for calcium and out of date high quality cat food for the vitamins. Carrots for moisture and I have more mealies than my girls will eat.
I freeze all bran and such for a day or so before I add it to the mealie farm. I have also been told carrots only will keep the moisture content down which helps deter grain mites. I used to give apples and potatoes for moisture and had an out break of grain mites. The owner of Grubco told me to just use carrots as this is what they did to reduce the chance of grain mites.
1 - 14 of 164 Posts
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