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Hey everyone, my hedgehog, Hedgie (Creative, I know. He's my first, don't judge me.) was making weird noises yesterday, after I got home from work at 4, so I checked on him, and noticed something stuck over his nose that looked a bit like food, or resembled the color.
Being me, I peeled it off, so he could breath out of both nostrils, instead of only his left one. After this, I set him down on my floor, letting him roam a bit as I kept my eye on him.
Strangely enough, I looked down at my hands, and saw that he'd spermed on me. I thought, Wow, this is weird. So, I wiped off my hands, took a better look at him, and saw his face. Immediately, I freaked out, and started crying. He looked horrible. Apparently, in some time within the last few days, he had gotten some sort of irritation in his eye or face, scratched it, and it became infected.
I called my mother, and told her we needed to take him to the animal hospital, so we did. We went to Blue Pearl, which was a very expensive hospital just outside my city limits, and after waiting for what seemed like hours, the vet came in and quickly explained everything to us. I hardly understood a word she was saying, and I'm actually quite intelligent (not bragging, it's just a fact).
Long story short, she gave us eye drops, and oral antibiotic medicine. Upon bringing him home, he was just as curious and happy and he usually is. He' a bit shy, he always has been, so I'm glad to see that it hadn't affected him mood much, if not at all. I just feel like such a bad momma. I'm rarely home anymore this summer, since I have a job, and such. I also own a tarantula, and take care of both of them by myself, with a bit of help from my mother. Now, I haven't checked up on him as often, but I do refill his water, and his food bowl. His eating/drinking patterns were no different, so I'm glad I noticed it when I did. He's an Albino Hedgie, so his skin issues are already a struggle, with his oatmeal baths. I'm very upset at myself for this, but you know.
My main question, now, is what do his skin problems look like to any of you? I plan on taking him to a normal vet within the next 36 hours or so, to get it looked at, but i want some personal opinions with your experiences before i take him somewhere he's probably never been seen before. No offense to the vet around my house, but they had to ask if his eyes were naturally supposed to be bulging like they do. I wish I had more professionals around where I live.

I apologize if the photos are kinda blurry, he moves around a whole lot, and tried to get some close-ups. Now, however, he seems to be sneezing, or something. Will the antibiotics get rid of these side-effects? :(

The doctors gave me the eye drops, as I said, and antibiotic medicine.
Eye drops: Ofloxacin Ophth 0.3% (1-2 drops every 4 hours for 3 days, then drop to every 8 hours for 5-7 days.)
Oral Medicine: Baytril 22mg/ml (Give entire contents of syringe (0.08 mls) by mouth every 12 hours until gone. 14 syringes.)

Here's the pictures.
Picture one: good side of face
Picture two: bad side of face
Picture three: close up
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