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Exposed seams are dangerous. Below is a way to get around it. Cut 4 pieces of fabric. 2 will be for the outside and two for the inside. Then you stack them in a sandwhich- take an outside piece and put it right side facing up and then take the other outside fabric and place it right side facing down. Then take an inside fabric and put it right side facing up, then take the other inside piece and put it right side facing down. Sew through all 4 pieces on three sides. Turn in the right way by taking the top layer and pulling over the rest of the bag. Then roll the opening twice and sew down. It makes it nice becaues the opening will be stiffer because of all the layers and make it very easy for the hedgie to go into. There won't be any exposed seams or handstitching to do and your bag will be reversable too.

Hope it helps :)
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