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Exposed Seams Dangerous?

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I want to machine sew some pouches and other accessories, but I need to know if hedgehog toes get caught in exposed seams. If I make the seams hidden, will they dig and pull the threads loose?

For my sugar gliders I only use no-sew pouches in their cage because they get into everything and I'm afraid they'll pull the threads loose and get tangled. Has this ever happened to anyone's hedgehog?

The pouch I got from the breeder has exposed seams. She told me it's fine and so far I haven't had a problem. I've seen some other people put hand sewn items in their cages so I was just curious if tight or hidden stitches mattered.

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Re: Exposed Thread Danger?

Exposed threads can get caught on their nails, toes, ankles, legs and cut off circulation. Fleece is recommended.
Yes, they can still dig and rip the seams. But perhaps Nancy or some of the hedgie-bag makers around here can suggest techniques they use to hide the seams best.
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