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Exercise Wheel, Heat Control, and Cage Camera Advice

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I recently got my first hedgie on February 18th 2023. Her name is Strawberry, and she was born January 5th. I have a wheel for her, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on wheels.
I’m looking for the safest option for her, noise level, whether a stand or cage mounted one is best, and also an easily accessible to clean.
Next, I have a heat lamp,100 watts. There is a thermometer inside the cage so I can see the temps, but I was thinking about investing in something that can control the temp? Does that exist? Like if it were to get too warm or too cold, I’d like it to self adjust?
Lastly, if anyone has advice on a camera that can be easily mounted to her cage with night vision that can be viewed on my phone with out a monthly subscription I would love to hear it!
thank you!
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Hi! Congrats on your new hedgie! Strawberry is an adorable name 😊 I like to use the Fluker's reptile clamp lamps. If you have a cage that it will work with, I highly recommend it. It has a dial for intensity. I pair it with the thermostat in the picture I attached. You can plug the lamp into it, set a temperature, and it will stay within a few degrees in either direction. I keep the sensor taped to the inside of my hedgie's igloo for the most accurate reading. I don't know about the camera/app you're looking for, but I would be interested if you find one!
awesome, thank you so much! Do you know if it would work with any heating lamp? I believe I have the Zilla Premium Reflector Dome, 8.5”, 150 watt.And it has the Zoo Med digital thermometer with probe attached so it tells me the temp. Just not adjustable Which is something I don’t love.
I’m still on the hunt for a decent camera to mount with night vision, but if I find one I love, I’ll definitely get back to you!
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