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I just want to give a little background on how I got my hedgehog before I go into my question. So my Ricky was rehomed to me when she was about 6 months from a young college girl who couldn't take care of her. I knew nothing about hedgies at the time and thought I would have much more time to prepare. The girl pretty much dropped her off a couple hours after the agreement.
I kept the habitat she gave her to me and a month later a string got caught around her foot. After numerous vet appointments she has made a full recovery. I have now learned and changed her cage set up.

Now for my question! Earlier this week my dog tried to pick her up. The door to the room she was in wasn't closed all the way and my dog got in, ate her food, and tried to pick her. My dog dropped her almost instantly and then barked at her. My dog was bleeding but Ricky wasn't. She's eating and drinking normally but she seems so scared of everything. She's had such a rough few months but she was always friendly. Now she's always hiding and hissing and seems less active. I'm buying her a new cage this weekend hopefully that'll make her feel safer.
I need advice on earning her trust back. She's only 9 months old. When I got her she was very skittish but with lots of tlc she got better and used to me. I just want my girl back!
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