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Hi all!
I’m a new hedgie owner and would like to introduce to you Durian! (Yes like the spikey fruit cuz I love eating durian, being an Asian in SEA).
He’s one of the two survivors in the litter cuz mom ate the rest 😢 I’m not sure if that’s normal or the breeder just didn’t know what he was doing.
I’ve had him for about a month and he’s currently 3 months young.
it’s extremely fortunate that I’ve found this community and learnt a whole lot on how to take care of him (I’ve stopped feeding him dried worms), partly cuz it is illegal to own one here although many people still do own exotic pets here. No vets will treat them here though.
I had a pretty bad scare when I saw him pooping small amounts of blood for a night, and decided to not give him anymore dried insects. He loves wet food so I fed him some mixed with water to clear his constipation! I’ve also switched to canned worms and his poop is back to normal.
Durian is an absolute athlete, I’ve seen him run on his wheel for hours on end! And thank god he knows to take a break inbetween to hydrate himself 😂
He still hisses whenever I go close to his enclosure, but uncurls whenever I hold him.
I can’t wait to see him grow up healthy!
I’ll appreciate any advice or tips.
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