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dry skin

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I think my hedgie might have dry skin, hes very itchy but only when hes running around and active. He has no redness, no quill loss, no flaking, if anything, mildly pink after he itches but it just goes away.
However he will NOT let me give him a bath and ive only had him for about 2 1/2 weeks so should I just give him the oil? I can just get it at the store correct?
Also, any other basic health concerns, I can't ever hold him or get near him so anything that deals with touching his skin or getting a good look at him never works, so Im super paranoid hes gonna get sick and I won't know. So far so good though, his poops are normal, he sleeps normal, eats normal, just the itchyness bothers me.
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Thanks! That shouldn't be too hard.
The other concern I had that I forgot to mention is, his poop smells a lot! But maybe thats just how it is?
and how often should I give him the oil? couple times a week?

I do hold him in my lap and such, but he hops around a lot so its making me bleed.
He does like to chew on my fingers and arms and feet a lot. He LOVES to pull off my socks, its the cutest thing!
The last time I tried to give him a bath, he freaked out and snorted a bunch of water and was so miserable.

He was born in November 2008 so he could very well be quilling. I figured as much since he's growing a ton of new white long quills. Hes even got a white patch on his left flank, its super cute.

I have tried to pet him and he just gets mad.
Yea hes not to fond of anything really, but Ive only had him for a few weeks.
I figured he was less than friendly, since most people Ive talked to on her and who have them, said theirs were not half as tempermental as he is. Oh well.
He even jumps when i talk really softly to him. The people at the pet store said they held him everyday.
At least he'll unroll if i have him on his back. He wouldn't even move the first day we had him.
(my boyfriend bought him for me, and wasn't completely educated on how to care for them, like temperature and all that) so I got him properly accomodated.
oh well. I spose I can just do my best and love him as much as humanly possible!

If I move at all he puffs up. I can barely breathe around him without him getting upset.

The other problem is we'll be leaving for a couple weeks in the end of May for our anniversary/my birthday and obviously we planned this before we had him, and my boyfriend didn't consider we would have to be so hands on with him and how much care he needs. (He was a valentines gift!) So I might even need to be rescued if he doesn't improve because Im afraid whoever will take care of him while we're gone might get frustrated with him or not play with him at all.
(one of my roommates volunteered to take care of him, and she worked at an exotic pet store for 4 years that had hedgies so I know shes careful and ive been educating her) but still...

Obviously this wasn't thought through well enough and I don't want Jackson to suffer for it. :(
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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i usually wait to bother him around 1030 pm when he gets up for a snack and try to get him to eat out of my hand first, and i'll have him out anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. depends how we're both feeling. hes quite the explorer.
I just don't think hes a cuddler. which is perfectly fine. Im totally patient and hes still the cutest thing ever!
I know I have to be patient. And I am. Ive had stray animals my whole life. I know patience.
Ive had him about 3 1/2 weeks. I don't really care if I can't hold him, but I think its harder to tell if something is ever wrong because I can never get that close to him. so I wont be able to cut his nails or give him a full bath or check his skin for mites or anything like that.
Thats what worries me. That it just going to bed 100x harder to make sure everything is alright.
So hes not as itchy anymore, but his skin is really pink. It shows through the white fur he has under his belly.
I was wondering if thats just normal or if he might have a skin condition.

Hes still super aggressive and tries to bite me every chance he gets.
And chews on all my clothes and my boyfriends clothes.
But I can't resist his little face. Its just too cute.
And he loves my teddy bear. He always snuggles with it.

If I knew how to post pictures, I would, but Im a little computer retarded. :p
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