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dry skin

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I think my hedgie might have dry skin, hes very itchy but only when hes running around and active. He has no redness, no quill loss, no flaking, if anything, mildly pink after he itches but it just goes away.
However he will NOT let me give him a bath and ive only had him for about 2 1/2 weeks so should I just give him the oil? I can just get it at the store correct?
Also, any other basic health concerns, I can't ever hold him or get near him so anything that deals with touching his skin or getting a good look at him never works, so Im super paranoid hes gonna get sick and I won't know. So far so good though, his poops are normal, he sleeps normal, eats normal, just the itchyness bothers me.
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1. how old is he...he could be quilling.
2. what do you mean by you cant ever hold him? if it is because he balls, puffs, pops, etc. you have to learn to get over that or he will never socialize. if you stop trying because he is doing those things then he will never stop. hedgies by nature do not want to be held so he thinks this behaviour will scare you off, and so far it may be working.
3. most hedgies will unball in water and run around, if so you can try an oatmeal bath.
uh oh...you have a biter on your hands...i have no idea how to help you change that, but i do know the sock thing isnt cute, it is a sign of agression on his part. he has somehow learned it is ok to bite and that is not a good thing...he definitely sounds like he is quilling btw. and unfortunately the only way to get him to stop the popping and such is to socialize him more. i honestly dont know what else to tell you, definitely sounds like you have a very anti social little one on your hands
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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