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Dr Evil at 13 wks ... 'can you [see] me now?'

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Here are pics at 7 wks http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1493

... and now at 13. Any guesses at color? Thanks! Adam[attachment=0:3acdzdfi]01.jpg[/attachment:3acdzdfi][attachment=1:3acdzdfi]02.jpg[/attachment:3acdzdfi][attachment=2:3acdzdfi]03.jpg[/attachment:3acdzdfi]


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I would have to guess algerian cinnacot
He's a cutie! :D I loooove that little pink nose! ^.^ And I also love his name! :lol:
Ok Reaper, I think you got it wrong. A WB Cinnamon does not have red eyes. I would say Ruby-eyed Cinnicot.
He's cuuttteeee!!!!

Also, does he HAVE red eyes or is that just in the picture?
Thanks all, he's a sweetheart :D ... ... ok, ok, an evil sweetheart :twisted:

I think his eyes are ruby-red. But they can also look very dark, so I'm not sure. His eyes always look more red in photos.
i thought i saw faint cheek patches in pic 1
I'm a little suspicious that he's a late bloomer, that his colour is going to change again. All of the colour markers - with the exception of the nose - suggest Algerian Brown. From what I can see, the eyes are red due to the camera flash.
The nose is the holdout. It's a perfect example of an Algerian Champagne nose - several colours away from Brown and certainly not anything that a Brown should have.
So, either he's one of those late-developing hedgehogs where the adult colouration appears many weeks after it should, or he's an example of an unusual genetic combination that occurs very rarely. (I've seen 3 examples over 15 years)

For now we'll assume he's just taking his time and will quill out into his adult colour at some later date. ;)

Thanks for the careful responses. I'm going to try to get additional pictures over the weekend. Bryan you have me excited, and you heard it here--if that nose turns brown this week, next week, or next year I'll offer you my collection :shock:
ruby eyes is the verdict

I took these tonight[attachment=0:1x8lysau]right.jpg[/attachment:1x8lysau][attachment=1:1x8lysau]left.jpg[/attachment:1x8lysau]


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