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Down Sizing the Cage? Any suggestions?

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Im trying to find the "Perfect" cage. I have had my hedgie for a few weeks now, and im discovering that her huge cage is a pain in the butt to clean, or even move for that matter! :shock:
It's a Super Pet Rabbit/Guinea Pig cage, The Extra Large size. I got it from a friend that gave it too me... it's a little beat up also, but i thought it would do the job.. and it does, but man it's a pain. I have looked through the forums and just can't find anything.. I really would like something that's smaller, but still gives her plenty of room. She doesn't even use half of the cage she's in right now lol

I seen these cages at the pet shop a couple weeks ago, Peruess Pet's- the only pet shop ill go to around here.. there amazing! but they had these cages that weren't very tall... The hedge hogs that were in them looked super happy and looked like they had plenty of enough room.. No clue what they were called tho, bummer.

Also what is your take on Flying Saucer wheels? I have a wheel in with my little girl but she won't even touch it.. i've tried putting her on it and "helping" but she just looks at me like Im crazy ;)

The picture is the kind of Cage she's in, but Extra large and a little different.


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Im using Shavings as of right now, i am planning on Switching to Fleece liners as soon as i can...not only would it be easier to clean, but they look so darn CUTE! :D I was trying to keep as much of her cage the same as the person who had her.. She's coming along great now and has been out more during the day and night, eating VERY well... So maybe she will start using the whole cage.. I started thinking.. and i think when i got her the person didn't even wean her from her mom.. because all the babies were in with her- I guess i was so excited it just slipped my mind.

Right now the wheel i have in with her is like a tub, no holes or anything... I had originally gotten it for my rat.. but the whole 4 years i had her she never even used it(guess she thought she was to smart to run in one) ;)

And by the way.. your cages are adorable :)
As of right now we are heating out house with Wood, and it stays at about 80 to 85.. and i keep a heating pad on low/medium where she sleeps just in case... When we stop heating with the wood stove i have a small space heater i use to heat my room, my room isn't very big at all so it's stays very warm... I HATE cold.. So my hedgehog and i get along perfect ;)

As for the wheel it's basically the same thing, she may be using it and i just don't hear her... Although she is pretty loud when she's out running around, she's always scratching or you can hear her running all over and just doing whatever she does when no ones looking! lol

Im definitely gonna switch to the liners, i think the cage will be alot easier to clean that way...
Just wanted to say i actually picked up a cage today- found it on craigslist for 20 bucks so i said what the heck. I think she really likes it!!.. She's been out playing for quite awhile- It's a Marchino? Type hutch... It actually pretty good sized, Im gonna add a loft as soon as i get they stuff to do it :)

I also switched over to Fleece Liners.. they are a ton easier!!!.. and i don't have bedding all over my floor now! ;)
I don't have pictures "Yet". I went and go my camera out last night to take a couple, and it died. :|
So as soon as it charges ill get some and post them!.. I really do think she likes it, She seems happier.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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