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Down Sizing the Cage? Any suggestions?

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Im trying to find the "Perfect" cage. I have had my hedgie for a few weeks now, and im discovering that her huge cage is a pain in the butt to clean, or even move for that matter! :shock:
It's a Super Pet Rabbit/Guinea Pig cage, The Extra Large size. I got it from a friend that gave it too me... it's a little beat up also, but i thought it would do the job.. and it does, but man it's a pain. I have looked through the forums and just can't find anything.. I really would like something that's smaller, but still gives her plenty of room. She doesn't even use half of the cage she's in right now lol

I seen these cages at the pet shop a couple weeks ago, Peruess Pet's- the only pet shop ill go to around here.. there amazing! but they had these cages that weren't very tall... The hedge hogs that were in them looked super happy and looked like they had plenty of enough room.. No clue what they were called tho, bummer.

Also what is your take on Flying Saucer wheels? I have a wheel in with my little girl but she won't even touch it.. i've tried putting her on it and "helping" but she just looks at me like Im crazy ;)

The picture is the kind of Cage she's in, but Extra large and a little different.


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If your cage does not open at the top (adding to cleaning difficulty) PM Nancy I believe she has a way to fix it that she would probably give you directions for.

Also I just wanted to say that liners are so much easier to clean than shavings. I have mice, budgies and a hedgehog and the hedgehog cage is definitely the easiest to clean.

Last night was cleaning night, Quigley went in his playpen. I took the dirtly liner out, shook out the loose dirt and used a tissue to pick of the stuck on stuff. Used my dustbuster to pick up all the loose crumbs and dirt from the bottom of the cage. Finally I used a rag to wipe it out with vinegar and then wiped it again with just water. That was a full clean. Took 15 minutes tops. It only happens, maybe ... once a week, if that. Other days I just spot clean by picking the poop off the liners or changing the liner without wiping out the bin.
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