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Hi! I made a post a few days ago but no one responded. basically my 8 week old boy is quilling, and i know he is bc the quills lost are smaller and i can see new ones growing in. the past few nights though i’ve noticed he isn’t very active at night. he’s eating fine but isn’t touching his wheel at all and i can only hear him scratching and eating. i need help pinpointing the cause.

1. i think i’ve seen on here that quilling can cause hedgehogs to be tired, and especially young hedgehogs won’t be as active. is this true?

2. i recently changed a few things about his cage. for the first few days i had him he was on a space heater with an old kaytee wheel my old hedgehog was on. i wanted him to have a new one so i ordered a bucket wheel off etsy so it would be easier to clean and quieter. it’s been in there for a few days now and he hasn’t touched it i don’t think bc there’s never poop on or below it. i also don’t hear him and i stay up pretty late. should i change it back? i don’t want to stress him with too many changes.

i was also finally able to find the right dome for a CHE so i switched him over to that. the space heater kept it between 73-75, so i thought he would like the few extra degrees. however the first night i had him on it i had it set for 77-78, and he would only come out when it was cooler. i lowered it a bit to see and he was a bit more active but not much. if i lower it more i’m scared he will get too cold, but he seems to like the cold so i don’t want to risk it. it’s a solid 74-76 rn and i’ve read to not go below 73. idk what to do about this.

please help decide what to do! i don’t think he needs to go to the vet bc there seems to be many factors i can fix i just don’t know what to do to be the most beneficial to him. he’s just fine when h have him out, active and squirmy towards the evenings and sleepy in the day. idk what to do please help!
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