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do all hedgies drink the same amount of water?

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My hedgehogs don't seem to drink much at all!
They are fairly new to me, so i need to know if this is normal. I have a mom (about 3 or 4 months old and a baby-5 weeks old) There is always poo and pee in the cage in the morning and sometimes when we play with them we actually get to witness them peeing and pooing. But i have never seen them drink. Sometimes i put the water bowl right in front of them but they always avoid it. And the water in the bowl doesn't seem to be any lower in the morning. I change it every morning so it is hard to tell if they are drinking or not.
Is a few sips each night enough for them?
If they are peeing and pooing is that a signal that everything is fine?
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My family purchased a baby hedgehog a week ago. Everything has been fine except I can't tell if Sonic is drinking his water. He was but after his first bath yesterday he seems afraid of water. His bath went well I thought and his nails got trimmed with no problems. But he didn't drink last night and didn't use his wheel. Can anyone tell me how much water is normal for him to drink. Does water temp matter? I have a bottle but I put a bowl in tonight just to see if it's better.
I had him drink from the bottle while in my hand, then once in cage placed him under it and he drank. I saw him drinking a couple of times over next few days, so he knew where it was and how to get the water. Now I have a bowl a few inches away but the bottle is still there. His behavior is a little different since his first bath. I figured that he would just forget and go on like before. maybe I'm just overly worried about dehydration. If it's still the same tomorrow, then what?
Actually, the water bottle leaks a little. Sonic's aspen shavings are always wet underneath. When I put him at the water bowl, he scurries away from it. I don't know why, but I think maybe he was never bathed before we got him, and his is now afraid of the water after his first bath. I will use a syringe tomorrow if he doesn't drink tonight. he eats fine, but he always burrows under his igloo hut.
We're getting a new bottle tomorrow. I spent an hour getting Sonic to drink from the bottle while in my hand. i'm wondering now if he lost track of it and couldn't find it. Is that possible? Why can't the shavings get wet? After he was back in there he found the bottle and drank on his own. This is separate but I bought Yesterdays News and a pan to try litter training but he tried to eat it so I took it out. Can he ingest that or is it harmful? Are shavings in the litter pan good enough? Any help would be appreciated.
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