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do all hedgies drink the same amount of water?

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My hedgehogs don't seem to drink much at all!
They are fairly new to me, so i need to know if this is normal. I have a mom (about 3 or 4 months old and a baby-5 weeks old) There is always poo and pee in the cage in the morning and sometimes when we play with them we actually get to witness them peeing and pooing. But i have never seen them drink. Sometimes i put the water bowl right in front of them but they always avoid it. And the water in the bowl doesn't seem to be any lower in the morning. I change it every morning so it is hard to tell if they are drinking or not.
Is a few sips each night enough for them?
If they are peeing and pooing is that a signal that everything is fine?
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It's harder to tell if water is being drank or evaporated from the bowl, if the cage is kept at the correct temp. Hedgies, like humans, may drink more the higher temp they are kept at. What food they are on also could be a factor in how thirsty they get.
Putting in a dish as well is a good idea. Was Sonic drinking out of a water bottle before? He may not know how to use it.
So, he knows the water is there and is licking it, but the water level is not going down? Perhaps the bottle isn't working? I would keep the dish in at the very least a few days, and make sure he knows how to use it as well. If it doesn't seem like he's drinking anything, you should probably see a vet, and you'll need to start syringing water. Hedgie health can deteriorate very quickly when they are dehydrated.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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