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DIY Wheel

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Ive started making my own wheel following some of the 5gal bucket creators before me. I am however working on a quick disconnect system for ez cleaning; just wondering if there would be any interest in a walk through (a how to) for my design. If so, ill document my progress through the build.
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^^ I like that design but the issue still lies in the bearings. They are placed ON the wheel, making it easy to get them wet and have them rust. My alteration mounts the bearings to the stand and will have the driveshaft permanently affixed to the wheel, allowing for a single wing nut or quick release tab to be used for removal with no excess parts. This will also allow the bearings to have less of a chance of spinning the shaft on the inner race and a higher likelihood of the relatively light hedgie actually engaging the basket. (this would result in a super smooth, silent ride.)

(possible future mods to wheel: pully to electric motor off the drivefhaft to monitor V+ output of rotation over time. Input data thru adruino, Voltage can be scaled to rpm through labview signal conditioning and viola: hedgehog runspeed, duration, and event occurrence to ensure a healthy friend. (and make some cool graphs) )
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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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