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Ignore your vet on the hedgehog food, high quality cat food or dog food is best.

I would just stop feeding her the Purina cat chow and stick with the blue buffalo if she is eating it and has been on the mix for a while the change should be fine.

Now you can totally add wet dog of cat food to her diet, I do this. I would only give cottage cheese every now and then but it is healthy for her. Bugs are always great to add to a diet but I do one type of bug a night.

Avoid legumes, grapes and tomatoes, peas are high in phosphorus so those should be weekly treats if given at all.

You can continue with the blue buffalo if you like or you can add another food to the mix. I use four foods in my mix, plus wet food and some raw food and then insects as nightly treats.

http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/forums/12-diet-nutrition/23042-recommended-foods-list.html - This is a good place to look up which brands are recommended.
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