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Did you do a gradual switch or did you do it all at once? Switching foods should take at least a month's span, sometimes even longer depending on the hedgie. You should begin by mixing 1/4 of the new food with 3/4 of the old food, feed that for a week or two, then go to 1/2 & 1/2, then 3/4 & 1/4, etc. Switching too quickly can cause poop problems, especially to a richer food such as wellness.

cyntarihedgie said:
Should we stop feeding one of the foods? To much protein? Is it not good to mix cat food?

Last question, we have a little girl that is almost 2 months old. She comes out to eat once in awhile, but sleep almost all the time. Is this normal for her age? She to is getting the same feed as the others.

Thank YOu
You should always try to mix foods. The reason for this is different sources of protein, and if one food discontinues or your hedgie stops eating it, you have something else the hedgie's tummy is accustomed to and can eat while you try to find something new to add. Most people try to have 2-3 foods to a mix; some have a lot more.

Most of the time mixing the foods together and letting them sit together for a few days will convince most hedgies to try the new food.

I would mix in 2-3 more foods to the wellness. Maybe the natural balance and some solid gold. If you had immediately switched the new hedgies off purina, add some of the purina back for them and give it a few weeks before starting another food--and then only add one at a time.
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