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Hey everybody. Just thought we'd share Dexter's first Halloween with you. It was a fun night of World Series baseball on TV, pumpkin carving, annointing, and bathing. Enjoy! :)

The Pumpkins - the one on the right is supposed to be Dexter. My fiance carved it. :p I carved the one on the left.

Closeup of my pumpkin. It turned out pretty well for just using a kitchen knife! Mwahahaha...

Here's our boy Dexter checkin' out our pumpkins.

More investigating.

We think he liked the "hedgehog" jack-o-lantern better. He wouldn't take his eyes off of it.

Still mesmerized by the hedgie pumpkin.

We gave him a little bit of pumpkin as a festive treat. Don't worry, it was canned pumpkin without additives or spices.

We think he liked it...

Putting pumpkin froth all over yourself calls for bathtime.


Rinse cycle.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed those shots. Happy Halloween, everyone! :twisted: :mrgreen:

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Wow your pumpkins are amazing :D

And obviously Dexter is just too cute. I love the annointing one.
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