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If she's in a cage on the table, she should be fine with the noise. Mine sleeps through most noise, yours may be the same. If the noise starts to bother her, then just put her in a room the dog can't get to.

I wouldn't let them actually meet. Since it would only be for one day and not a permanent/long term arrangement, it would be more stressful than beneficial to Sylvie to meet him--and who knows how he would react since he's an older dog that likes to chase other animals anyway, even if he does seem pretty gentle. Those other animals will run initially but a hedgie won't, so she might get harmed if he tries to lunge for her at all. I wouldn't risk a meeting.

Hedgies aren't from the rodent family, they are "CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Insectivora", but I would go ahead and unplug the deterrents, though, just in case they might bother her. I would get any air fresheners out of the room, too, if she's not used to having those around.

Have a good trip!
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