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You will need to attend to your hedgehog's needs on a daily basis.

Here are some basic suggestions:


Scoop the litter box if using one

Clean the wheel

Change food

Clean water dish/bottle & fill with fresh water

Wash any food bowls or toys that have fresh/cooked/raw items put in them

Make sure any mess such as spilled food etc. is cleaned up

Handle your hedgehog for a minimum of 30 minutes & do a thorough check of their body for any health issues


Remove everything from the cage, including bedding. If using loose bedding, throw it away. Liners may need to be changed more often than weekly for messy hedgehogs, but should be changed at least weekly even for neat ones. Wash the cage - you can use soap & water, 50/50 vinegar/water, or a pet-safe sanitizer (store-sold or something like chlorhexidine). Put new bedding in. Clean any toys that need it and wash the dry food bowl.

Keep in mind that hedgehogs rely heavily on their nose and recognize surroundings by scent. If you use something fabric for their sleeping area (such as a hat, bag, or blanket/t-shirt), it'd be a good idea to wait and change this item a couple of days after you clean the rest of the cage. Having one item that still smells like them can help keep your hedgehog from being stressed or panicked by cage cleanings.

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