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Cyndaquil and his sleeping

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Over the past week I've been trying a few different things. Since I don't work I'm home pretty much all the time. I used to wait until around 5pm before id pull him out of his hedgie sack and place him in a folded up fleece blanket on my lap. But lately I've been pulling him into my lap not long after I wake up. It doesn't seem to bother him. In fact I think he prefers it over his cage. While he's sleeping in his cage he's all balled up, but when he's in my lap he stretches out, Splats, or sleeps on his back. If I place my hand in there with him he'll snuggle his face into and go to sleep lol. I love all this time we have together I just hope it's healthy for him. He loves his belly rubbed. He'll slowly start to roll over as I start to rub his side until he's on his back. Ive even found a few spots he seems to be ticklish. He'll start to kick his back leg once in awhile if I hit that spot.
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He is snugly and I absolutely love him. I want to eventually get him this.


but for now the fleece blanket does just fine.
Sorry I should have clarified a bit better. I'm mostly using the site for the pic. A friend of mine is talking about trying to make one for me in exchange for in game gold from a game we play. It mostly depends on the time and money it costs to make it vs buying one from someone. I've found a few different sites. I just wish I had the skill to make one myself. I've had some really good luck with making the hedgie sleeping bags.

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2 ... 9a05603738

There's also a pic of Cyndaquil taking a walk on his cute little leash. I did some research before buying it and it seems perfect for him. He just loves to walk around the yard with me in the evening.
I am overly caution when outside on the leash. I try not to put it so tight as to hurt him if he balls up. So far he never goes to far away from me. A lot of the times he'll sniff around the grass near me and when he gets bored he will climb into my arms. If i stand up and walk around he will follow me.
It's actually a Lizard leash from petco.

http://www.petco.com/product/5025/Four- ... SiteSearch

I went back and forth between different harness's. I figured the full body one's for rabbits would be an issue if he balled up. Out of all of them this looked the safest and I had read on another hedgie site about it. He seems to really like it. When I get it out he knows we are going for a walk. He finally snuffled for me the other day.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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