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Hey all!

Haven't been on/posting for a while due to extreme craziness here. Haha I'm not getting home till 7:30 or 8 most nights--working hard on our school play--and then of course there's the school work. But I wanted to say that Teddi is doing well. I've almost had him for a year, which is absolutely crazy for me!

Cute story though, I got a prettyful new hoodie last night. So I was wearing it and I took Teddi out of his cage and was playing with him. I handed him to my dad who gave him back afterwards and Teddi immediately crawled up to my shoulder and hid under the hood. He sat there for almost half an hour until he got all excited and wanted to run around haha.

Another one is that I had Teddi lying on me in a towel. I was on my back, watching TV and Teddi decided to fall asleep. However he shifts in his sleep and so kept rolling down my stomach, to the sides and then, off me onto the bed. He would wake up, huff and glare at me, then crawl right back up--or I would pick him back up--and do it again. So cute!!!

Anyway hope you like the pics :) I love his smile .


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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