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Cute IDea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So this morning i was lieing in my bed thinking of what i am going to do as a cage for my hedgie.. And i came up with A little room that is the same as mine.. I have live, laugh, love in my walll where my bed is so i am going to put in Above the hedgies bed..(which I have no idea what is going to be yet...) Live, Love, RUN... and i am going to put the wheel where my desk is...I can't wait!!!!!! and i am going to be for sure using a C&C Cage... :p :p :p

I just need to know if you think that would be cute... OF course it is all going to be hedgie save...But just get backk
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Sounds adorable! I have a hedgie room. It is slowing coming together. Target has the cutest valance and bedding for a bedroom, and they have a bean bag as well, if you want some accents for outside her cage but inside the room itself. I plan to do this over summer break, provided the pattern is still available. It will be a guest room/hedgie room. I figure if guests don't want to sleep with hedgies then I will give up my room to a guest and sleep with them myself. It is just an air mattress anyhow, twin sized, and I rarely have guests so the curtains will stay up year-round, the bean bag for decoration, then only put out the bed the times I have visitors.

That is such a cute idea, Live Love Run, hahaha! Thanks for sharing! I want pics when you are done!
I would love to do pics...I will take tons with my phone then sent them to the computer and load them up here....I also wanted to know one thing........

IF i made a blanket by krowsaing it.. would it be hedgie save??
Crocheting makes loops. I believe loops are discouraged as their little nails, feet and legs can get caught in them. (even tightly woven ones) But the fleece can be cut into different shapes and patterns to give you some variety. (say, a heart-shaped fleece blanket)
Re: Cute Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok..Thank you. How long hve you have your hedgies???
Sound like a cute idea but remember. If you are building a C&C cage that they are more challenging to heat than a standard sized cage less open cage. Plan your heating while you are planning the cage. :)
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