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I'm of two minds:
1. Hedgies really hide their pain, so for one to be crying, something must be really wrong --> get to a vet super fast.
2. Your hedgie is feeling really out of sorts in her new environment --> if she's from a friend, can you get something like an old t-shirt from your friend so your little one has a familiar thing to smell?

Not knowing which it is, I would do both of the above.

Your story reminded me of Dandelion's cries, so I'll let you know where I'm coming from. I used to have guinea pigs. Dandelion had previously been kept with her siblings... now, she was in a cage by herself. She had been in quarantine for pink eye and had just made it into the clear. She screamed in the middle of the night. I got up, checked her out, she was okay, held her; set her back down, went back to bed; she screamed...; repeat several times.

Long story short, what she needed was Tigerlily... my other piggie. So I un-quarantined her by putting the two cages together. They still had the cage walls (bars) between them, but would now be able to see and smell each other... even rub noses. Dandelion jumped up on the coffee cup so she could see Tigerlily. Once she did; all was well; no more screaming. Little girl just needed a friend.
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