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soooo, Crowley had her first oatmeal bath today!

it went well. she was confused that i added another step to bath time and was Leary about it cuz the last time i added a new step to bath time was 'nail clippy time' but once she realized it just added another rising after the soap but with oatmeal, she decided that she'd live with it :p

anyway- i used the opportunity to brush back her quills ( she won't let me brush her outside of bath time) * i only found one that i could actually see coming in and a few shorter quills that might have come in before i noticed, but otherwise she has a few white spots that look like they might be where new quills will come in- but its hard to tell because although she lets me brush her doesn't mean that she'll sit still while i do it.

she has continued to loose quills 10-20ish a day, and without getting bald spots as far as i can tell.
and other than sleeping a bit more (she already slept alot) i haven't seen any changes in behavior on her part. still eating and running fine. also other than dry skin she doesn't seem to have any other discomfort or pain so im going to take that as a good thing.

so in conclusion, the oatmeal helped at lest in cleaning off the dry skin and i hope it will help her prevent more dry skin , im going to let her sleep more but mentor her weight to make sure she still gets enough exercise and just generally keep an eye on her and let her do her own thing .

so yeah, just an update for people :)and as always sharing of stories, tips or info is appreciated :)
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