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Critter Nation/Ferret Nation Cages vs Christmas Tree Bin?

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Hi everyone! I'm a college student thinking about getting another hedgehog when I move off campus next year, and I'm starting to brainstorm cage options. My original plan was to bring my old cage (5x3') to my apartment, but I'm not sure if it will be practical to transport because of its size/weight...

Is the Critter Nation/Ferret Nation still considered a recommended cage (with coroplast siding to prevent bar climbing)? I really like the structure of the CN, but it looks so much smaller than my original cage. Has anyone had difficulty keeping their hedgies happy in the CN or similarly sized cages? Oh, and any issues with heating/exorbitant electricity bills?

EDIT: I just realized another option could be an old Christmas tree bin cage that I have at home. This could be more insulated and possibly bigger (but also a bit more clunky...).

Also, I would appreciate general thoughts on getting a hedgehog in college on this thread: Getting a Hedgehog in College?

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