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Cracked Feet/Toes

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I’ve had my hedgehog Hallux for over a month now and recently his feet seem to be bloody every time I take him out of his bed. I’m assuming it is from his wheel since he has never had one before, but I’m not sure how to fix it. I’ve been keeping his feet clean and it looks like they are cracking on both the bottoms and between his toes. He has a Carolina storm bucket wheel so it’s not unsafe. Any suggestions on what I should put on his feet to help him heal?

Also while I’m here, I’ve been looking into using litter. He is currently trained to go on a paper towel but I was hoping to use Care Fresh litter. Are they a safe brand?
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He has fleece bedding that is cleaned weekly. I saw one little cut, but it looked more like a crack in his foot then a cut. I just put some polysporin on his feet and I took his wheel away for the night so he doesn’t slip.
Are the vitamin E gels okay for him? I’ve seen that some owners puncture the capsule and used the oils inside.
Can be the detergent that you use for cleaning the flee blanket? With what are you cleaning your hedgy. Use Alveeno baby shampoo.
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