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Crabby Hog

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Hi guys, i'm a new mother to a little hoglet. When we first got her, she did no mind being picked up or played with...but she had very dry skin so we took her to the vet (which was a terrible experience). From this point on, she will NOT let you pick her up, she never comes un-prickly and doesn't want to be around anyone. We try to hold her everynight as scheduled, but she wont have it.
Is there anything i can do?

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They don't only scream like that when they are in pain or afraid, sometimes they do it for rather silly reasons, almost as if they are throwing a tantrum.

When i first got Barley she once screamed like that early in the morning. She was not injured or scared, in fact she looked calm and quite happy to see me. She was standing out in the open sniffing at her empty bowl. The only thing she wanted was more food... ( at that time she was eating up to 4 full bowls a day, i suspect she was possibly underfed at her previous home )
Nancy has a hedgie that screams when her cage gets re - arranged.
A hedgehog owner from a local forum that i used to frequent had a hedgehog that screamed for no apparent reason one evening. Later he realized that it might have been because he was too busy to let her have out of cage time for a couple nights and she was letting him know how she felt about it :lol:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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