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could we please have another go , better pics

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hi there , some pics a bit better , showing faces this time .

all hogs are 1 year old appart from crumble who is 6 months

many thanks for any help guys , would really like to get a defanate on these few .

cheers col

first one is basil ( he is a pinto not sure if you need to know that or not)

this one was taken nr the window with no flash

the next one is called blossom , another pinto and huge eye patches on her

this one is bramble she is low to medium snowflake

the last one is crumble , and many people have been undecided about her colour from when she was small , this one i would like to pin point the most .

any help will be greatly apprechiated as allways , and many thanks in advance

cheers col
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hi reaper , many thanks for your time and for ringing bryan

can you just clarrify something for me please.

on crumble you can clearly see she has no mask at all and has never had a mask , in the colour descriptions it says chocolate has a mask ? is it sometimes the case that the mask will not show ?

this is the part that has been confusing in the past.

, i will try and get some clearer pics of bramble

many thanks again
thank you for that explanation reaper and great to know , that has made things easier and where i think ive been going wrong ,as ive been taking the mask as the main factor :oops:

many thanks col
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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