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could we please have another go , better pics

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hi there , some pics a bit better , showing faces this time .

all hogs are 1 year old appart from crumble who is 6 months

many thanks for any help guys , would really like to get a defanate on these few .

cheers col

first one is basil ( he is a pinto not sure if you need to know that or not)

this one was taken nr the window with no flash

the next one is called blossom , another pinto and huge eye patches on her

this one is bramble she is low to medium snowflake

the last one is crumble , and many people have been undecided about her colour from when she was small , this one i would like to pin point the most .

any help will be greatly apprechiated as allways , and many thanks in advance

cheers col
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Basil = Algerian Brown Pinto
Blossom = Algerian Grey pinto
Bramble = We need more pics and age but Either Algerian Grey or Algerian Chocolate
Crumble = Algerian Chocolate
To make sure I called Bryan and these are from him. So now you know 3 for sure.
You can actually have an Algerian color patterned hedgie without the dark Algerian mask. Once the hedgie is over 9 weeks of age you look at 7 indicators, one being a mask, and the majority of indicators tell the color marking. So if 4 indicators say Algerian and no mask the hedgie is an Algerian with no mask.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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