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Hi everyone, my little Maka has been coughin since I got her, I have her since last xmas and she came with some problems already, like diarrhea and this cough, I suppose it is because she had been staying in a pet store for a week and they had no lamp to keep her warm. I started with some treatments since the beginning, we got rid of diarrhea and minimized coughing, but the last one is still present. At first she coughed even four or five times per day, now it's once or none per day, but it's really frustrating to see her standing still and coughing (without any noise) for 20 seconds or so everytime. We've had a lot of vet visits even for other problems, they xrayed her lungs back in january when cough was at its best, and they did so even a few weeks ago: nothing at all, everything is normal. So what is it about? Am I confusing hiccups with cough? Is it normal for them to cough so often?
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