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cottage cheese? treats? hedgie food mix?

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I just read where hedgies are lactose intolerant, but I could have sworn that I saw something, maybe on Nancy's website, about one of hers coming out to eat his cottage cheese??? What are some common treats you all give your hedgies? Ours is coming home tomorrow and I want to be as well versed on this subject as possible. I bought a combo cat foods and hedgehog food (current diet is hedgie food only) to mix while transitioning. The hedgie food is 15.4% fat - the only one they had. Is it bad to keep this in the mix once hedgie has adapted to the change in diet? The pet store manager said that hedgehog food has "important" things in it that the animals need, that cat food won't have????

Thanks for any help w/ these questions,
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yes, mealworms are treats. I was the one who said to give them about 3x/week :lol:
definitely take the Vitakraft out, it's really bad for hedgies because it has things like nuts in it that a hedgie can joke on or it can get stuck in the top of their mouth.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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