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I cleaned Sylvie's cage Saturday morning. When I lifted her out to move her to a temporary hidey spot to keep sleeping I noticed her stomach was slightly cool, it 'almost' even felt a little damp. I noticed on the liner a yellow spot under her hidey spot. Her cage is heated with a CHE, constant temperature between 23 * 24 *c.

I figure she is either a) managing to get herself covered in urine when running & it's causing a damp spot & stain in her hidey hut or b) that she's peeing in her hidey hut. I should premise that she's an active wheeler, pooping & peeing no problem.

I've noticed the yellowing for a bit now and assumed it was theory 'a.' Having a cool stomach raised my concern though. I guess it wasn't even actually cool.... It was almost the feeling that when you have a fever & the fever breaks - your body gets clammy & cooler to the touch. As she was still very active (ie. not hibernation attempt) when I was cleaning I put her back in her hut to sleep. When I checked later in the day her tummy was warm & dry.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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